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Maq Doors

Maq Doors, a renowned brand with over 16 years of expertise in crafting wooden doors, stands as a prominent presence in Kannur, North Kerala. Our enduring success is rooted in a steadfast commitment to meeting diverse customer needs and maintaining unwavering quality standards.

Maq Doors, a distinguished manufacturer, takes pride in its diverse product range, featuring WPC Designed Doors, UV Digital Doors, and Membrane Doors. These products undergo meticulous production under the stringent supervision of quality experts in our sophisticated manufacturing unit.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the precision of design and manufacturing. Each product, be it WPC Designed Doors, UV Digital Doors, or Membrane Doors, is crafted with attention to detail, utilizing excellent quality materials. Our experienced professionals bring forth their vast creativity to ensure that the doors meet not only stringent quality standards but also exhibit aesthetic appeal.

Find the unique in style!

Maq Doors are appropriate for both interior and outdoor use because of their ability to endure a variety of weather conditions. Take pleasure in the beauty of wood. These doors give your house or place of business an extra measure of security. The insulating qualities of wood contribute to increased energy efficiency by assisting in the regulation of interior temperature. Our waterproof WPC doors provide a solid and fashionable finish for your house. Best Wooden membrane doors in Kannur, Kerala.

Our product features

1.Made up of wood
Maq Doors are made entirely of wood, guaranteeing a high-quality and long-lasting product. Since long-lasting durability is ensured by the use of premium wood.

2.Available in all sizes
Maq Doors provide a flexible selection that comes in all sizes to meet your individual requirements. Our doors are made to fit perfectly into your spaces, regardless of whether you need standard or custom sizes. 

3.Designs can be customized
We recognize the significance of individual style. Because of this, our doors allow for the customization of designs. Customize your doors to reflect your personal style. Select from a variety of options to make sure they enhance and perfectly match the design of your room.

4.Fast production and despatch
Our commitment to fast production and dispatch ensures a timely delivery of your orders. Enjoy the convenience of receiving your high-quality, made-to-order doors promptly, meeting your project timelines with efficiency and reliability.

5.Delivery all over India
Our products are available for delivery all over India. No matter your location, our reliable delivery service ensures that your chosen doors reach you promptly and efficiently, bringing quality craftsmanship to your doorstep, wherever you are in the country

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U.V Pointed Design Doors

UV membrane doors feature a durable surface with a UV light-cured protective layer, making them resistant to scratches. Available in various styles, hues, and patterns, these doors boast a sleek, contemporary look with fine finishes and detailed detailing

🔵 Zero maintenance
🔵 Innovation in Design
🔵 Aesthetic look
🔵 UV-Resistant Finish
🔵 Customization
🔵 Durability

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Membrane Doors

Membrane doors typically have an MDF or particleboard core, providing stability and lightness. With design flexibility, they can replicate natural wood, feature smooth or textured finishes, and come in diverse colors and patterns to suit various interior styles.
🔵  Design Options
🔵  Durability
🔵  Easy Maintenance
🔵  Customization
🔵  Affordability
🔵  Resistance to Warping

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WPC Design Doors

WPC Design Doors blend wood aesthetics with plastic durability, offering a stylish and low-maintenance solution. Resistant to moisture, they come in diverse styles for lasting appeal. WPC design doors combine wood fibers with PVC for durability
🔵  Environmentally Friendly
🔵  Water resistance
🔵  Versatile Design
🔵  Thermal Insulation
🔵  Low Maintenance
🔵   Durability

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